The 28-Week A sample lesson is located herein.

Under development is a 28-week science program for fifth grade English language learners and economically disadvantaged students. The program has been tested experimentally and yields high academic results in science for such students. An unpolished sample lesson is located herein. The final fifth grade program will be available in 2011.

Flipped Over Science

Project MSSELL, a comprehensive program has been tested experimentally with fifth grade students and is currently being tested with sixth grade students.  The Flipped Over Science Fifth Grade Sampler provides guidelines for science program structure at the fifth grade level that yields high academic results for students who are English language learners and/or economically disadvantaged.  The final product will be available in late 2011 with the Sixth Grade Flipped Over Science booklet available in 2012.

Family Involvement in Science Packets (FIS Packets)